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Cliff House and Sutro Baths Facing West at DuskLook West Through the MistLooking out the Golden GateJanuary SkyView from Treasure Island IEscapeField GoalWading in the PacificPsychedelic Eastern ViewsTaj Mahal

The camera is a tool. Just like a pen, or a typewriter, or a hammer. A tool is used to accomplish something bigger than itself, from taking a picture, or writing a book, to building a house. For me, the camera is a tool to show others how i see the world...or how I would like to see the world. The longer I take the pictures, the more of the little things I notice...though it is sometimes a struggle to not get too lost in the details. Photography is about not taking for granted the little things...the curve of a fender, the bubbles in a stream of water, or the shadows on the wall. Then there are those once in a lifetime moments, the fleeting things that can never be captured again...

I hope my photography expresses that appreciation of the little (and sometimes very big) things. Enjoy!